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Plant Varieties
​Here is a list of  the plants we plan on growing and having for sale in 2024. I will post updates here when we open for the season. What is available each week will then be listed here.

Onions- Clear Dawn, Talon, Rossa Di Milano, Dakota Tears
Leeks-King Richard
Lettuce-Deluxe Mix, Crispino, Salad Bowl, Green Ice, Red Salad Bowl, Optima Butterhead, Pirat, Romaine-Jericho, Mayan Jaguar and Olga
Chard-Golden Sunset, Silverado, Rhubarb, Fordhook Giant(green) and Bright Lights
Kale-Scarlet, Rainbow Lacinato, Russian Frills, Red Russian, White Russian, Dazzling Blue
Celery- Ventura
Sweet Peppers-King of the North,Banana, Staddons Select
Hot Peppers- Jalapeno, Matchbox, Ring of Fire Cayenne, Joe E. Parker Anaheim, Hungarian Hot Wax
Tomatoes-Cosmonaut Volkov, Jetstar, Golden Jubilee, German Johnson, Honeydrop, Rutgers, Goliath, Sungold, Beefsteak,Tropical Sunset, Roma, Amish Paste, San Marzano, Belstar, Brandywine, Cherokee purple
Eggplant- Listada di Gandia, Black Beauty, Pingtung Long, Rosa Bianca
Cabbage-Bilko Napa, Farao, Famosa
Broccoli-Decicco, Belstar, Fiesta
Squash- Butternut and Delicata
Cucumbers- Slicing and Picklers


Alyssum- purple, pink, white and mix
Begonias- Red, white, pink and mix
Coleus- Rainbow
Cosmos- Sensation blend
Gazania- Sunshine mix, red stripe
Impatiens-red, white, mix
Lobelia- Regatta Sapphire, Midnight blue, Rose and Mix
Marigold- Discovery, Antigua and Durango-many colors
Nemesia- Carnival Mix
Snapdragons- Rocket mix, red, bronze, and yellow Twinny Bronze, rose, violet Floral Showers bicolor mix, yellow and mix
Zinnias- County Fair, Giant Coral, Giant Purple, Golden Yellow, Red Scarlet
Petunias- purple, red, Hulahoop mix, Waterfall mix, Tritunia mix, Hulahoop Rose
Portulaca- Sundial mix, yellow, peppermint mix
Salvia- Summer Jewel lavender, Sizzler mix, Hummingbird mix and Lady in Red
Dahlia- Showtime
Pansies- Mix, Yellow, Blue Blotch, Blue Velvet, black, Blueberry Lemon
Violas- Penny Denim, All Seasons, citrus mix 

Lupine-Russell mix, Pages, Chandelier and the Governor
Digitalis- Silver Fox and Foxy
Dianthus-Sweet William, Spring Beauty, Rose Quartz
Campanula Bluebell
Columbine-Tequila Sunrise, Mckanas Giant
Hollyhock Las Vegas
Achillea Flowerburst Fruit Bowl
Pyrethrum Mrs Robinson
Coreopsis Early Sunrise
Penstemon Sunburst Colors

HERBS (in 6 packs)

Parsley- Giant of Italy and Krausa
Basil- Kapoor Sacred, Thai, Prospera Genovese and large leaf,  purple
Large selection of herbs in 4” potsHere